An odyssey into the American Wilderness with an Explorer, a Musician, and an iPad.   There’s something romantic about a hero in pursuit of an unattainable goal, chasing a myth or a dream – Percival Fawcett and El Dorado, Juan Ponce de León and the Fountain of Youth, Ed Wood and his cinematic masterpiece. Characters […]

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Until last year I was Creative Director of a company called Littleloud. Through thirteen long years we forged through many highs and lows. We made things like this. Here’s a game about Georgian London and hanging people. And we also made things like this. Here’s a game about making clothes and children as handily cheap […]

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Here’s a nifty chart produced by James Harris. It breaks down stories into commonly recognised tropes (Chekhov’s gun, artefact of doom, and a personal bug bear of mine, the Ass Pull) and assembles them in a grand table of story elements. Each element has an explainer link to TV Tropes, plus a popularity rating based […]

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A friend of mine once told me the story of his turbulent schooldays, of how he was expelled from school before being eventually being sent to a private school as a final resort to save his education. This worked to a certain extent but as the new boy on the block, he was bullied extensively. […]

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Here’s an update all about me, and all the things I’ve been up to of late. So since closing down my previous company, Littleloud, last July (you can read all about Littleloud here, and here) I’ve been keeping myself satisfyingly busy feeding all my major creative food groups working on an number of interesting projects with some fine people. […]

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Welcome to the site of Darren Garrett, freelance Creative Director.

This site collects various writing and thoughts on story & narrative within games, animation & digital things, projects I have worked on and whatever else takes my fancy.

If you'd like to know more you can read all about me here.